I love Abruzzo

In the heart of Italy...and in our hearts.

"I love Abruzzo" was born from the desire to discover and let people discover the wonders of home, because often the beauty we seek is much closer than we imagine.

Tailormade tours, just for you

Abruzzo. Gently caressed by the sea, protected by the mountain, marked by transhumance, nourished by the fruits of his land, and blessed by faith. Our tours are designed to reveal different regional facets and beauties: paths of faith and culture, trekking to discover nature and history. We are here to tailor each tour to your needs.

Land of good food and good wine
Five days of intense flavors and breathtaking landscapes: a 360º gastronomic experience

The flavors as they used to be
Ortona and its surroundings

Discovering the Teramano area.
A province of secluded villages and significant places of worship

Easter Break in Abruzzo
Popular, religious, and culinary authentic traditions for your Easter Break to remember

Nature between sea and mountains
The intertwining of nature and culture in the heart of Abruzzo, strong and gentle.

The art heritage through Abruzzo's history
A way to discover the less known

Three days in Abruzzo
Between sea and mountains, faith, enchantment, culture, and nature will tell you the story

Eucharistic Miracle and Trabocchi Coast
How to fall in love in three days

Abruzzo's abbeys and hermitages
Be fascinated by faith, history, and architecture

Civitarese's Tours "I Love Abruzzo"

Exploring Abruzzo from Ortona, Adriatic's Pearl

Located in the middle of the Abruzzo's coast, Ortona is a privileged starting point to visit the region. The famous Trabocchi Coast, starting from this area, and the nearby mountain systems, for a total length of 25km, precious National Parks... and much more.

Come and discover Abruzzo’s beauty with us, admirers of our places and expert tour operators. For a traveller coming from afar, and for our locals, every tour experienced reinforces the same sentiment - we must always know and love what we are part of.
Because we must always know and love what we are part of.

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I love Ortona

Ortona. Anciently known as the "Adriatic's Pearl", it is a quiet seaside village enriched by the historical neighborhood of Terravecchia. Thanks to its position, Ortona is also the perfect starting point to discover Abruzzo.