Tigrotto Orlandi 1956

a piece of history that returns to the present

A time machine to go back to when the Cav. Ermindo Civitarese, invalid of war, had the brilliant intuition to connect, albeit with a means of fortune, Villa Rogatti and other districts south of the city of Ortona that still collected the rubble of war. To go back to when the arriving bus was a clock that marked time in the village and gladly waited in front of the house for its passengers. Now that history lives again and echoes through our streets, we just have to make you live the #TigrottoExperience.

Entirely cared for by us and restored in its original parts only where necessary, Tigrotto Orlandi tells of a rebirth. The rebirth in the post-war years '50s / '60s, considered the golden years of Italy, but also the rebirth of a vehicle symbol of the history of our territory and object in the memory of many, grandparents and parents.
Entrando, è subito un viaggio sensoriale: il rombo del motore, l’odore acre del pellame dei sedili, l’originale colore Capri Orlandi della carrozzeria, le tonalità pastello degli interni predominanti in quegli anni, i materiali lisci e solidi al tatto.

In a historical era in which the present is a continuous question mark and the future knocks incessantly, Tigrotto wants to tell that our past will always remain the cornerstone on which to build the present: 74 years later, our company history continues to confirm this.

Riservati un viaggio nel tempo. Book #TigrottoOrlandi, BookAClassic
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